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The Outfitting Manager
The Outfitting Manager
The Outfitting Manager
Welcome to the outfitting manager page. This software, quite complete, allows you to manage most of the aspects of an outfitting business. You can create your own outfitting packages, set up the cost per package (depending if the users are adults or under age, you choose your own settings), the available dates and more. By then, you are ready to go and sell your packages. From that point, you can manage your money entries, your money outtings, what and where fishes have been caught, what and where preys have been hunt, manage your customers (you can allow packages to be sold to a particular customer or a society), manage your products (a simple product manager to sell or rent items is included), and much more! A report manager is also available in this software allowing you to create and modify your own reports, plus, allowing the creation of complex reports such as government reports. For more options, read the list below, or contact us.
What is included in this software
Outfitting packages management
Griddle about the optional, real and complementary packages by dates
Customers/Business addresses management
Emplacements/Lodges management
Lakes management
Available fishes/preys species management
Invoices payments management
Your own invoices design for packages (printed or sent by mail)
Customers history
Report manager - create your own specific reports/lists sheets
Complex report manager - create your own complex reports such as government reports
Multiple taxes management on packages - up to 2 taxes on products
Simple products management
Invoices management/history
Money process management
Fishes caught and prey hunt management
Sowing management
Simple facilities updates management
And more!
You need a few things more or some information complement?
Don't hesitate to contact us via the 'contact us' page telling us what your complement needs are toward this software, We'll see what we can do and if some arrangements can be done to adjust this software to your particular needs.
How to get this software
Contact us and we will grant you as soon as we can with all the requested information on how to get the outfitting manager software, the different options in relation to this software, the different features available, and payment plans.
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