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Welcome to, the place where you can find innovative games, programs, utilities and more. Feel free to explore the site and look at our products. You will find the latest version of Exoresk, the ever-popular mind-bugling game, the newly released “Cost Estimation and Invoice Manager 1.33” program, and free web-based games.
Special offer
Here at, we offer you the rare opportunity to submit personal projects, be it large or small. In a nutshell, you have the idea and the funds, we give you what you want. The evaluation of all requests is totally free and out of responsibility. Then, if the project is found to be viable, we will work together to make it happen.
You expect the best, we give you the best. High quality is fundamental to our work and we never release a product of low standard.
Games - Exoresk, a logic challenging game
This game, in it's own originality, brings a new skill concept in logic and analysis towards the 150 levels it has. It is mostly a thinking game on which you have to solve all the levels the fastest you can, thus, the time to resolve them is the score you get. The lowest time, the highest rank you are into...
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Utilities - The Outfitting Manager

Manage your outfitting business with this quite complete software! Including multiple managements, such as outfitting packages, customers, fishes and preys caught historical, emplacements and lodges available, and way much more!
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Web games - Arcade/action style game
A fun and easy game to play directly on the web (no download for this one). Simply eliminate all the ennemies on your way while grabbing bonuses and power-ups. Try this one with an ease of a playable game, this one isn't one of those hard games we sometimes find on the web...
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Utilities - The Cost Estimation & Invoice Manager 1.33
Manage your cost estimates, invoices, work sheets, products, customers lists and more in this all-in-one utility program. Easy 'one click' estimate transfer to an invoice and an easy few clicks to perform a working sheet from an existing invoice sheet...
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Games - Phil's Yahtzee 1.22

A simple yahtzee game, with nice designs, in which up to 4 players are allowed to play simultaneously in this fun and interesting game. May you hit the top 8 scores and enter your name as being one of the all of fame within this surprisingly well designed game.
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Web games - Phil`s Code Breaker

Free web game where you have to solve the hidden code secret. This game, is simply a test and try challenge where you have hints if you succeed in placing a good shape in a good place or not. Simple and fastly played, with variable code length and amounts of shapes.
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