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Games - Exoresk v1.1
Games - Exoresk v1.1
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Exoresk v1.1
Welcome to the Exoresk game web page. This game in it's own originality brings a new skill concept in logic and analysis towards the 150 levels it has. Exoresk has first been conceived in the beginning of the years 2000, bringing it to a basic start. Since then, it has been optimised and upgraded to work on more recent Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, windows 8, windows 10).
The game challenge
Exoresk is mostly a thinking game. You have to solve all the levels the fastest you can, thus, the time to resolve them is the score you get. The lowest time, the highest rank you are into.

You have to make the colors in the main screen, on top, be the same colors as the result box, on bottom-left of the screen. To do it, you have different kind of shapes, each of them could be specific to each level. The only possible action is a left button click if the shape fit on the screen (a right mouse click button is available to go to the opposite way in modes other than practice). There are 7 different colors and 3 different borders :

If there is a yellow-beige border, the color will go up of 1 color step and will get back to the original position after all colors have been shown.
If there is a grey border, the color will stay the same.
If there is a brown border, the color will go down of 1 color step and will get back to the original position after all colors have been shown.

Each square in a shape is independent. So if you get a shape of 3 different squares, each of the colors of the different squares will go up, stay as it is, or go down of a color step.
What's included in the game
150 Levels
The solution for each level (base solution, different solutions are sometimes possible)
Save and open your game process on unique separate files
Practice mode per level
Best time per level challenge
Levels, solutions and shapes editors to create your own levels
French or English selection with this version (both languages included)
To use with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Try the free Exoresk full game version
(This is the full game, free for a limited time)

  Get the FREE full game version  
The file can not be accessed and/or executed in windows (blank options with a right button click on the file)
This software is not signed due to some expensive software signing which we can't afford by giving free this product. Windows and most antivirus block unsigned executable files which are downloaded from the web. Click on this link to download the game's installation file compressed in seven zip to get around this problem (you can download the seven zip software free on their website).

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