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Games - Phil's Yahtzee 1.22
Games - Phil's Yahtzee 1.22
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Phil's yahtzee
Phil's yahtzee 1.22 with cards bonuses and multiple yahtzee points is now available!

Welcome to the Phil's yahtzee game web page. This game is a fun and simple yahtzee game which is now at it's most recent version 1.22 and includes 6 designs, more dice colors, and most of all, a card system allowing cleaver moves like being able to roll the dice a few more times, or by blocking some oppenent's dice. This game can accept up to 4 players and is made for Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, windows 8, windows 10).
What's included in the version 1.1 game
3 different original designs
Up to 4 players can play simultaneously
Mutiple dice colors to choose from
Top 8 best scores
What's included more in version 1.2
3 New game templates, redesigned old templates and more dice colors
Top 8 best scores using bonus cards and top 8 best scores without using cards
Card system allowing multiple optional features
More rolls with the right card
Block opponent roll turn or block 1,2,3 dice
Lucky card allowing a cleaver dice number move
Yahtzee rules in a pdf file
And more...
What's included more in version 1.21
Slight visual changes
Now allows multiple points for multiple yahtzees
What's included more in version 1.22
Few bugs fixed
You can now see the high scores from the options menu

Try the free full game Phil's yahtzee 1.22
(this is the free full game, no restrictions involved - last update on 1/15/2022)

  Get the FREE full version  
When clicking on options and then scores when a card is withdrawn, the game freezes
(11/18/2021) This is now fixed, you can download the latest updated version.
When starting the game with orange or yellow dice, blue dice were shown instead
(10/27/2021) This is now corrected since version 1.21.
The 'New' button is not starting a new game after a game has been played
(7/13/2020) This bug has been fixed today. You can download the latest corrected version now.
Some dice are stuck in the bottom of the dice window
(7/9/2020) A bug has been found the day after we actually launched version 1.2 and has been fixed. You can download the latest corrected version now.
The file can not be accessed and/or executed in windows (blank options with a right button click on the file)
This software is not signed due to some expensive software signing which we can't afford by giving free this product. Windows and most antivirus block unsigned executable files which are downloaded from the web. Click on this link to download the game's installation file compressed in seven zip to get around this problem (you can download the seven zip software free on their website).

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