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The Cost Estimation & Invoice Manager
The Cost Estimation & Invoice Manager
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The Cost Estimation & Invoice Manager
The new version 1.2 is now available! Better performance, better search speed results, no more need for Excel for printing, customers orders and more!

Free 30 days trial with 100% full software access for version 1.2, activation key: A2V3-Z189-CV20

This management software for self-employed people and small businesses such as landscaping, snow removal, irrigation, pruning, pavers, excavation, and other similar businesses, is meant to be used on a single computer or on a local network, to manage all business aspects toward customers, from the first cost estimation, followed by the invoices, up to the work sheet where you can state when the work has to be done, and when it has been currently done. The process includes an easy transfer from a cost estimation sheet to an invoice, and from the invoice to a work sheet (containing up to 10 sub-work sheets) explaining the work to do and when to do it. You can manage your services, your products, your customers's information, the working addresses, the invoices, the cost estimation sheets, the work sheets and more. You can then visualise different information via the report manager (for complex report creation, some sql knowledge is needed - Excel is needed for report printing but not an obligation for all other software printing options). This program includes french and english uses, thus, you can use it in a bilingual way, or only in french, or only in english.
What is included in this software
Products/Services management
Customers/Working addresses management
Cost estimation sheets
One click button to transfer a cost estimation sheet to an invoice
Invoices management
Invoices payments management
A few button clicks to transfer an invoice to a work sheet
Work sheets management - up to 10 sub-work sheets for the same invoice
Report manager - create your own specific reports/lists sheets
Search products, invoices, cost estimation sheets, and more in multiple ways
Up to 3 taxes can be set up in the software
Work schedule (by groups / employees)
Expenses management
Work reports
On the road sequencies
Apointment management
Items needed/qty management
Bilingual software (french and english)
English user guide (french version coming soon)
What more is included in version 1.2
Choose your own currency symbol and place it on the left or on the right of the amount
Customers orders window
Faster search engine
Mountings and recipes window with personal measures
Better printing processes
Excel no more required for printing reports
More options in products information
Barcode reader compatible and price/weight barcodes compatible
Most electronic scales compatible using rs-232/usb
Basic cash register functionality (drawer opening by using com port or printer port)
Now includes both french and english user guides
And more...
You need a few things more ?
Don't hesitate to contact us via the 'contact us' page telling us what your complement needs are toward this software, We'll see what we can do and if some arrangements can be done to adjust this software to your particular needs.
How to get this software
Contact us and we will grant you as soon as we can with all the requested information on how to get the cost estimation and invoice manager software key activation, the different options in relation to this software and the different features available.

Try this software for 30 days with the activation key: A2V3-Z189-CV20 or buy the software for 100$ cad (contact us)
(The trial gives you 100% access to all software version 1.2 features - last update on 11/17/2019)

  Download the software  
Can not find the file "MSHFLXGD.OCX"...
Start the software in "administration" mode, it should solve the problem

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